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CBSE Result Class XII Book Week 2017 Book Week 2017 c  

Ananda Dhara Ananda Dhara IT Fest - CSS

Enthusiastic Play

Ananda Dhara Hindi Debate Training Session Crescendo 2016
Hindi Debatec Music Fest 2016 c Book Week Technolympics
Book Week Poetic Raga Sparrow Preservation Medals in Karate
Press Release HT
A. C. Deb Inter School Athletic Meet

Max. Medals in Karate

Literature Festival IT Fest 2015
Commerce Fest

CSI Girls Hockey

IT Fest 2015
Model UN at CSI
Diwali Celebration Educational Trip Diwali Greetings
Camun - 2015 Book Week - 2015 Community Service - 2015 Camun - 2015
Book Week - 2015 Book Week - 2015 Tanusha Gupta Achievement Kalakriti 2014-15
Book Week 2014-15 One Nation Reading Together Annual Sports Meet Author Meet
Book Week

Camun - Times of India

Infoyage - 2014
(The Statesman)
Infoyage - 2014
( The Hindu )
Our Student Speaks Knock-Out Quiz
The Time of India
The Hindu
Effective Communication Session by Mr. Bruce Weitzman Author Meet
The Statesman
The Times of India
Dance Day, Investiture Ceremony and Author Meet
The Statesman
May 15, 2014
Inter House Competition and Enhance Skills
The Statesman
August 28, 2014
Oration Contest at Cambridge School
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