Realizing the importance of fitness, the school has the facility of a gymnasium fitted with the latest equipment. During the games period or otherwise, specific time is allotted to students and staff for doing exercises on the multi-station gym, treadmill, twister, stepper, stationary cycle and other equipment under the guidance of the instructors.

The library is an important room in the school, a favourite with many members of the student fraternity and the school faculty. It is an area where one can get lost in the world of books- providing ample variety of choices to readers of all age groups. It has books of fiction, non-fiction, many classics, reference books, and textbooks.

A variety of books in Hindi, Sanskrit and French are also available. It has approximately 13,500 books catalogued, classified and placed in different racks. Regular subscription of newspapers, magazines provide the latest updates in different areas. The library acts as a hub of all activities planned and executed in the school like inter-house, inter-school competitions and special assemblies. It caters to a wide variety of demands of students and teachers and in a way it serves as a resource centre. The library also organizes programmes like book week, workshops, meet the author, book review writing and book fairs to inculcate the love for reading.


   e- Library  

Our school library has added an e-library facility to be provided to the students and teachers of our school in the library. Apart from accessing downloaded e-books on the
e-library system they can access and read 70,000 e-books from the British Council Online Library at the click of a button.

    Primary Wing  
The newly built primary Block is a child friendly area with spacious class rooms and activity areas for the students. The classes are well lit and furnished with interactive display boards that are periodically changed. A Playroom for the pre-primary students and play area with swings will become functional by the next session. A resource center for primary students incorporating audio and visual aids with reading space is also being planned.
    Medical Room  
Every child is medically examined at least once a year by a team of competent doctors and his/her medical record is maintained. The school also has a sick room with two trained nurses and all necessary first aid equipment.
   Chemistry Lab  
The Chemistry department is equipped as per CBSE requirements and syllabus. Well-qualified, experienced instructors and laboratory facilities are provided for regular practical, activities and prescribed project work. The well-ventilated, spacious lab can accommodate 36 students at a time. All chemicals and equipments required for practical and projects are provided. The lab has running water and gas supply with ample storage area for chemicals, equipments and balances. Help is provided to the students during a practical to facilitate their learning process.
  Math Lab  
Special arrangements have been made to provide hands-on experience to students master mathematical concepts during their visit to the Math lab. Specialized aids from JODO GYAN and NEW WAVE DISPLAYS are used by the teachers to make teaching of Mathematics enjoyable and relevant. Attractive and self-explanatory models are made by students that have been displayed in the lab.
    Biology Lab  

The Biology lab in the Senior Wing has preserved specimens; charts and permanent slides that depict how complex forms of life were evolved from simpler ones. This Lab is spacious and can accommodate 35 students easily at a time. Students do practicals with enthusiasm because it is only through this that they gain practical understanding of various concepts.
It has a display of rare varieties of corals from Andaman & Nicobar Island too.

  Computer Lab  

Full fledged Computer Centers have been established for both the Junior & Senior students. Computer knowledge is imparted to the students from class I onwards. To generate further interest in computers, the students are encouraged to utilize Computer laboratory in their spare time or even after school hours. Various software can be accessed such as Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. Computer aided learning is conducted with the aid of CDs and internet. Laboratory facilities are provided for regular practical, activities and prescribed project work.

    General Science Lab  

The General Science lab of the school is specially designed for the students of classes IV to VIII, where they are given demonstations and hands-on experience related to the concepts being done as a part of the curriculum. The laboratory is well lit and well ventilated. This lab can accommodate 40 to 45 students at a time.  A real articulated human skeleton, a human torso showing all the organs, various 2D & 3D charts on different body system, portraits of eminent scientists, many preserved specimens of plants and animals are kept here for ready reference.

  Physics Lab  

The physics lab is fully equipped with apparatus to carry out experiments and activities prescribed by CBSE and investigatory projects related to mechanics, light, magnetism, electricity, heat and optics. In the lab, students carry out various activities and relate them to real life situations. Students take keen interest in making working models in the lab.

  Geography Lab  

Geography lab plays an essential role in enriching geographical base of a student. Learning of Geography involves lot of practical knowledge. this lab is equipped with modern geographical apparatus, maps and models which provide ample opportunity for the students to observe and learn concepts and facts easily.

Apparatus like rain gauge, thermometer, barometer, magnetic north, wind vane, standard time indicator, phases of the moon, solar system and different 3D models facilitate the study of this subject and enhance the comprehension of the students.

 Our lab also has a good collection of geographical specimens of minerals, metallic ores and rocks.

Students pursuing studies in Geography in XI and XII use the Geography lab. The students maintain a board where all news related to the subject is displayed and updated.

  The Psychology Laboratory  

The Psychology laboratory at Cambridge School, Indirapuram is constructed exclusively with a purpose to provide students with laboratory based experiences that will translate into a relevant skill set for potential psychology. The laboratory facilitates students to conduct studies on theories of the discipline in a controlled environment while expanding the body of knowledge in the ever evolving field of Psychology.




The Psychology Laboratory serves the following objectives:-

  a ) To create an atmosphere of psychology at work fulfilling the main
      requirement of the subject.

b) To offer space for students to conduct experiments, counselling,
     testing and observations.

c) To help students experience a unique learning environment to
     complement classroom discussion.
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