Renowned novelist, artist and philosopher Shree Rabindranath  Tagore once said, “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.” True education is the one which is crucial in the long run, both for one’s social and emotional existence. Arming us with the apt knowledge and loads of experiences needed to survive the chaos of is big global village, CSI is an oasis of knowledge that gives to its students both the knowledge and the practice needed to utilize it wherever required. From terrace and medicinal gardens to working for the community and promoting extra-curricular activities, our school has left no stone unturned in fulfilling Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of an education system which integrates both theoretical knowledge and experience.

Aditya Venugopal


A place where we create curious young minds that take knowledge to a whole  new level. Where we create a world with infinite possibilities. Where we believe that each child has immense potential and needs some polishing that can be provided in a nurturing as well as challenging school environment. Where we strive to provide such an environment.” This is my vision for CSI. 
Alfred Mercier once said, “What we learn with pleasure we never forget”.Sharing that belief, we aim to make learning a fun-filled ride. We wish to make the gates of the school a place where students come running with joy. We encourage students to find a better way of doing things, making them more innovative in the process. But utmost priority is given to the virtue of giving. Because being selfless in a world like ours is true courage. We truly learn to serve.

Sharmistha Shastry

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